Beats by Dr. Dre are most famous for celebrities, DJ’s and singers. These headphones became a strong household name for celebrities and commoners alike. However, Beats aren’t just for stars, singers, DJ’s and commoners but athletes are joining the bandwagon too. Curious? Here are 15 athletes who love to wear Beats by Dre headphones.

15. Neymar. Yeah. The soccer player. Neymar is a constant feature on numerous Beats commercials. He’s also very loyal to his brand endorsement and defying the FIFA World as a proof of that loyalty. How? He wore it during the World Cup when it was so clear that they banned wearing Beats because they had a deal with Sony. Talking about a real bad-ass.


14. Lebron James. Lebron isn’t just the King of the NBA, but he’s also Beats very first athlete endorser.

Helping the company rise from startup to a trendsetter by wearing the brand’s headphones in nearly every public appearance he’s in over the last few years.

Lebron James

13. Richard Sherman. After his famous heroics during the 2014 NFL Playoffs, he became one of the many endorsers of Beats. Sherman, the good guy that he is, also gave a pair to every person in the Seattle Seahawks roster.

Richard Sherman

12. Kobe Bryant. The Black Mamba has been wearing Beats headphones for many years now, and even owns a personalized pair of the headphones.

Kobe Bryant

11. Michael Phelps. The famous Olympic athlete leads a parade of athletes wearing Beats headphones all throughout the 2012 Summer Olympics. Creating an exposure that helped the brand explode in fame.

Michael Phelps

10. Chris Paul. CP3 has always been spotted wearing both Beats’ earplugs and studio headphones on and off the court.

Chris Paul

9. Thierry Henry. He became Beats endorser way before the 2014 World Cup. Henry is also spotted wearing the headphones in public showing that it’s not just all for the show.

Thierry Henry

8. Kevin Garnett. One of the first few athletes to have gained a full-fledged TV commercial of the brand. He and the Brooklyn Nets never get off the bus without wearing a pair of Beats.

Kevin Garnett

7. Wayne Rooney. The face of Manchester United is frequently spotted in Red Beats which coincidentally, or not, resembles the team’s color.

Wayne Rooney

6. Serena Williams. The world’s famous female tennis player is featured in a star-studded Beats commercial that came out before the 2014 FIFA World Cup and automatically becomes the face of the headphones brand amongst tennis players.

Serena Williams

5. Andrew McCutchen. The first MLB player is the first ever to receive custom-made Beats in 2013 June and has not stopped wearing the brand ever since.

Andrew McCutchen

4. Matt Kemp. Joined the Beats bandwagon since 2012 where he starred in a Beats commercial. The Los Angeles Dodgers MLB star has not stopped. He even bought a pair of the headphones for each of his 24 teammates in 2013.

Matt Kemp

3. Colin Kaepernick. After being featured in a personalized Beats commercial last December 2013, which made Seattle Seahawks fans hate the brand for a while, his loyalty to the brand stayed just the same.

Colin Kaepernick

2. Sydney Leroux. The USWNT soccer player is seen to be wearing Beats headphones on a constant basis. Proving her loyalty by appearing in the commercial that came out before the 2014 World Cup.

Sydney Leroux

1. Mesut Ozil. If there’s one person who has proven its loyalty to Beats, it’s this guy. Ozil has been wearing Beats headphones since his days playing for Werder Bremen. This means that his devotion to the team has passed through three club teams and two different FIFA World Cup appearances. Whoa. Talking about real loyalty.

Mesut Ozil

So those were the list of 15 athletes who love to wear Beats by Dre headphones. Who says Beats headphones aren’t fit for athletes?