About the Brand

The Audio-Technica Corporation, a worldwide group of companies, was founded in 1962. It was established in Tokyo, Japan by Hideo Matsushita. The company is resolute to designing, manufacturing and distributing audio devices. Before, they’re known for only producing phonograph cartridges. As they grew wider, they decided to jump into other fields. They now offer several products like headphones, microphones, audio systems, mixers and other electronic products to add with the cartridges.

Audio-Technica has been known for producing their products with utmost quality. They’re devoted to manufacturing their products with durability, high performance, and amazing features. The company continues to seek new technologies to add to their products. They conduct consumer research to know well the needs of their customers.

Audio-Technica Corporation’s products are used in high-profile spot broadcasts. Some of their audio devices are utilized in the Super Bowl, World Cup, and Commonwealth Games.

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