The P9 Signature’s leather-covered ear pad cushions live up to its brand name. They are made with memory foam and one of the best Bowers & Wilkins ever produced. The brand says that its material molds to the shape of the user’s head over time.

Given the ultra-light texture of the foam, it also answers its superb level of breathability. That’s why users love to use it for extended periods for music listening, phone calls, and even video conferences.

But just like with most headphone brands, the P9 Signature Earpads can feel tight for the first few uses. They need an ample break-in period as the headband pressure adjusts.

These earpads are a worthwhile replacement pair for their price and durability. With proper care, leather-covered earpads such as these last longer than typical foam earpads with no leather cover. They will tear down eventually, but they take up to 18 to 2 years before they need replacements.

The P9 Signature Earpads offer comfortable cushioning and grip. These earpads compliment the overall luxurious feel to B&W best-selling headphones.

For those who are looking for comfortable earpads, the P9 Signature Earpad is incredibly worth it.