It’s normal to expect brands to release better versions of their models from the previous year, and these brands have yet to disappoint. It’s not weird to expect better things for the year 2022—especially when it comes to devices. Some newer models are a downgrade of their predecessors, while some are an upgrade. In Dell Alienware’s case, it’s an upgrade.

Fresh out of the oven, Dell Alienware’s Tri-Mode Wireless Headset (also known as AW920H) will considerably blow the minds of those that nest in the gaming market region. The newest wireless headset has a classy and luxurious feel, especially its design. While it’s not out yet, gamers and streamers alike are preparing for its release—to which we still don’t know the exact date yet. Tech enthusiasts such as ourselves will do our best to not fall behind with the release of these gaming headsets. Here are what we know about Dell Alienware’s Tri-Mode Wireless Headset.

Dell Alienware Tri-Mode Wireless Headset:


The design gives a very sophisticated feel to it. Thick leather covers both the headband and the foam, one that we expect its purpose to be comfortable to wear despite having the headset on for hours. The ear cups are soft and squishy, with their foams thick enough to envelop our ears. The design of the ear cups’ shield is what we find unique and impressive at the same time. It curves into an almost circular shape, but before both ends meet, it maneuvers downward enough for the ear cups to look like big seeds. The Tri-Mode Wireless Headset is also slimmer than the other models from last year, so we expect this one to be lightweight.

On the ear cups, as well, is an alien logo that lights up when the headset is in use. We are still unsure if the headset has a feature where the logo’s light is optional. There is a port on the edge of both ear cups, and this port is for the external mic. Yes, the external mic is detachable. You can attach it to either the right or left side, whichever you find comfortable.

The only model we could find in our research, combing through the entire web, is white. So, we could only assume that this is the only colour available, or the Dell Alienware could have other shades of colours for the ear cups when they release it.


We didn’t completely acquire all the headset’s features, but we believe we have the core ones here.

The Dell Alienware Tri-Mode Wireless Headset packs a monstrous battery. Yes, we say monstrous because the headset will give you 55 hours of battery life. You can even charge the headset for only 15 minutes, and you have an equivalent of 6 hours to use it! Streamers will hit their marks or goals with this headset, for sure! Gamers might get tired of gaming all day and all night! Not only that but, Dell Alienware knows that integrating touch controls in the wireless headset would open doors to more buyers.

Another great feature we unveiled is the immersive multi-dimensional audio, all thanks to Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos’ enhancement of the headset’s immersive multi-dimensional audio will let whoever has the headset on feel as if they’re right in the middle of whatever movie they’re watching or game they’re playing. It all makes it even better when you’re playing some songs—ones with rumbling bass, too. It only means that gamers and streamers won’t be the only ones coming for this headset but casual users, too—especially music lovers.

Of course, Dell Alienware Tri-Mode Wireless Headset has the ANC technology, and we have yet to know how far their noise cancellation goes.


We were also able to unveil the price of the headset. Dell Alienware’s Tri-Mode Wireless Headset model AW920H will cost you about $199.99. We’re still unsure if this is the final price as, upon the headset’s release, it can still go higher or, in the smallest of chances, lower. Still, the price is most likely more than enough for a wireless headset of this level.