The Beats by Dr. Dre wireless headphones are quite common for the rich and famous. These wireless headphones are one expensive brand for entertainment purposes, but to audio professionals, these headphones are one of the best audio devices in the market.

We all know what the Beats by Dr. Dre wireless headphones are capable of doing. The question now is, will these headphones get more expensive?

Yes, they can, and these wire-free audio devices come with hefty price tags. Here are some of the most expensive Beats headphones by Dr. Dre. Let’s start from the least to the most expensive.

1. ColorWare Collection Illusion Beats by Dr. Dre

ColorWare Collection Illusion

Beats and customization specialist Illusion, worked together to make these headphones produce not only high-quality sound but also a chameleon-like iridescent exterior. The wireless headphones are carefully customized to deliver a color-shifting effect to your headphones. Depending on the color you choose, the ColorWare Collection Illusion Beats by Dr. Dre can shift bedazzling hues of blue to red, purple to copper, red to gold, and gold to silver. These colors change depending on which angle of the headphone you’re looking at.

2. Dr. Dre Pro Detox

Dr. Dre Pro Detox

To those who are looking for the best gift that symbolizes forever, then this is the one for you. The Beats by Dr. Dre and Crystal Rocked have teamed up to make the most Swarovski-filled headphones. Only 20 of these limited edition wireless headphones available at Crystal Rocked. This headphone isn’t only filled with beautiful rocks, but the Dr. Dre Pro Detox is designed with high-quality features. These high-end, wire-free audio devices give off high precision and definition sound experience free from distortions.

3. Dr. Dre Beats Pro 24ct Gold Plated

Dr. Dre Beats Pro 24ct Gold Plated

This Beats headphone is another Crystal Rocked masterpiece, one that you can add to the ‘Collector Series.’ The Dr. Dre Beats Pro 24ct Gold Plated wireless headphone isn’t only for audio professionals who prefer decent sound quality, but also for those who want to make their mark with style. These wireless headphones are built from durable, lightweight aluminum material for rugged and on-the-go use.

The flip-ear cups allows the listener to monitor the room without taking the Dr. Dre Beats Pro 24ct Gold Plated wireless headphones off their heads. It also has a dual input/output cable ports that enable you to share music and playlists by daisy-chaining headphones.

4. Beats by Dr. Dre Gold Studio Headphones

Dr. Dre Gold Studio Headphones

This headphone is another item on the Collectors Series. To those who want to have a blend of luxury and high quality, this is the headphone for you.

Each Beats by Dr. Dre Gold Studio Headphone took up to six months to create one.

The headphones come with a custom-made walnut box with a serial number engraved on it. Its serial number proves the authenticity of every single Dr. Beats Gold Studio headphone, and the company disallows a repeat on each item.

The Dr. Beats Gold Studio headphone has a high-definition sound quality isolation powered headphone. It is also limited to 50 headphones only.

5. Graff Diamonds x Beats by Dre $1 Million-Dollar Headphones

Graff Diamonds x Beats

In collaboration with Graff Diamonds, Beats by Dr. Dre created this 114 karat of diamonds. It’s the most expensive wireless headphone as to date. This high-powered isolation headphone allows you to feel the music instead of the headphone. The Graff Diamonds x Beats by Dre Million-Dollar Headphones have plush cushion covers that have ultra-soft breathable materials to keep you cool under all listening conditions even for extended hours.

So, those were the top most expensive Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. Would you buy them or not?