At most part, you likely want to relax at night time after a stressful day. You may be streaming videos, listening to your favorite artists or even go through your much-awaited episodes on Netflix. If you’re not living alone, you may disturb other house members.

Worry no more because you can definitely connect your televisions to wireless headphones.

Pairing these two devices isn’t difficult as you might think. In this article, we provide you with options on how to make your ‘netflix and chill’ possible even if it’s past twelve.

Here are some options that you might consider when connecting your wireless headphone to your TV:

Dedicated Wireless Headphones

Most TVs don’t have built-in Bluetooth. If you have the same issue and thinking that it’s not possible, you’re wrong.

Dedicated wireless headphones are the easiest way to solve your problem. You can purchase these headphones online or any electronic retailers near you.

When you buy dedicated wireless headphones, it comes with a base station. This usually serves as a ‘modem’ which allows you to connect your TV and wireless headphones. Unlike Bluetooth, this type of wireless headphones has a wider operating range at approximately 300 feet. Amazing isn’t it? This is because dedicated wireless headphones use radio frequencies.

Bluetooth Transmitters

If you already have a pair of Bluetooth headphones, there’s no need for you to buy dedicated wireless headphones. But you still need to purchase Bluetooth transmitters if your TV isn’t Bluetooth-enabled. The device will serve as a ‘link’ between your wireless headphone and TV. Pairing is possible using Bluetooth connectivity. You can usually plug a transmitter into your TV’s USB port. A little downside for Bluetooth transmitters is that they have a shorter operating range of approximately 30 feet.

Media Streamers

Media streaming is an option considered as the most hassle-free ways to connect your wireless phones to your TVs.

Some of these media streamers are the following:

How to Connect Wireless Headphones to TV

Wireless headphones are a trend these days not only for gamers and streamers but also for movie enthusiasts. The movie experience is different and better when using headphones since the audio is very close to your ears.

Here are a few steps to connect your wireless headphones to your TV. Make sure both devices have the Bluetooth feature.

  1. Set your wireless headphones to Bluetooth mode. You can do this by locating the Bluetooth button on your headphones and pressing it long enough for the device to be visible.
  2. On your TV, go to Menu and then Settings.
  3. Locate the option to find Devices where you can see Remotes & Accessories.
  4. Find Bluetooth Devices and click it. There, you can try and find your headphones’ name.
  5. Please select it and then Pair. Wait for either of the devices to prompt successful pairing.

Please note that the process and terms may differ depending on the brand of your TV.